Fireline FX5W & FP5W

Although these stoves are a 5kW output, the design gives the look of a larger 8kW wide screen stove. This has been achieved by a slight reduction in the depth of the grate area whilst the overall 500mm width of the stove is that of the larger 8kW model.

Technical Specifications

These stoves give the looks of the 8kW wide screen stove but maintaining the nominal heat output at 5kW. With a firebox lined with ceramic clean burn liners and Fireline’s own patented firebox air supply technology, clean burning is assured. 81% efficiency ensures top levels of fuel economy and the highly effective, proven Fireline airwash system gives fabulous views of the fire through the large glass panel.

Natural GasN/A
InteriorCeramic Liner
Output Net MIN-MAX (KW)5.0 (4.0 - 7.7)
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