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Find yourself spending countless hours perfecting your outdoor space? From mowing the lawn to painting fences, it’s a labour of love. But here’s the question: Are you reaping the rewards of your hard work?

It’s time to move the focus from constant upkeep to pure enjoyment. And what better way than with an outdoor fireplace?

Looking for an Outdoor Fireplace?

Looking for an Outdoor Fireplace?

Our thoughtfully curated collection of premium outdoor fireplaces is designed to enhance your outdoor living area. 

Explore our range online or dive into a world of quality outdoor fireplaces and be captivated by our 150 working displays! 

Our expansive 4000-square-foot fireplace showroom in the heart of Blackburn is conveniently located with easy access and no appointment is needed.


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Why Choose an Outdoor Fireplace? 

Why Choose an Outdoor Fireplace? 

Imagine cosy evenings with friends and family, basking in the gentle glow of a crackling fire. Whether it’s under the starry summer sky or amidst the crisp autumn air, an outdoor fireplace provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments.


Outdoor Fireplaces 

Outdoor Fireplaces 

An outdoor fireplace elevates your outdoor experience with luxury, warmth and style, making it perfect for gatherings and even boosting your property value. To get the best out of your outdoor fireplace, choose professional installation from us.

Elegant design for stylish decor.
Generous heating for larger areas.
Maximum safety with enclosed design.
Permanent and valuable addition.
Versatile fuel options.

✗ Higher cost than other fire features.
✗ Needs ample outdoor space.
✗ Demands regular maintenance.

Ideal for:
•  Luxurious outdoor gatherings.
•  Spacious patios and gardens.
•  Homeowners seeking grand outdoor focal points.

Common Uses:
•  Creating stunning outdoor ambience.
•  Providing ample warmth for gatherings.
•  Enhancing property value and appeal.

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Fire Pit

Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit adds warmth and ambience to your outdoor space, perfect for gatherings and relaxation. 

Creates a captivating atmosphere.
Provides heat for chilly evenings.
Versatile for cooking and entertainment.
Ideal for socialising with friends and family.

Requires caution and maintenance.
May produce smoke and sparks.

Ideal for:
•  Outdoor entertaining and cooking.
•  Cosy nights by the fire.

Common Uses:
•  Campfire experience at home.
•  Cooking and grilling.
•  Entertainment and ambience.

Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Outdoor Fire Pit Table

An outdoor fire pit table combines the charm of a fire pit with the functionality of a table, making it an ideal addition to your outdoor space. Enjoy dining, entertainment and relaxation in one. Some models may need a professional setup. For expert advice, call 01254 682574 today.

Dual functionality as a fire feature and table.
Perfect for outdoor dining and entertainment.
Elevated design for safety.
✓ Easy-to-clean surfaces.

✗ Generally higher cost.
✗ May require ample space.
✗ Some models need a propane tank or gas line.

Ideal for:
•  Outdoor dining enthusiasts.
•  Enhancing outdoor gatherings.
•  Homeowners with spacious outdoor areas.

Common Uses:
•  Cosy outdoor meals.
•  Relaxing by the fire.
•  Stylish outdoor decor.



A chiminea adds character and warmth to your outdoor space, making it perfect for cosy evenings outside.

✓ Distinctive and traditional design.
✓ Efficient heating for a specific area.
✓ Safety with enclosed design.
✓ Portable and multi-fuel options.

✗ Limited heat distribution.
✗ Smaller size than fire pits.
✗ Requires maintenance.
✗ Exposed to elements.

Ideal for:
•  Cosy evenings and intimate gatherings.
•  Small outdoor spaces like patios.

Common Uses:
•  Creating a captivating focal point.
•  Providing warmth during cooler nights.
•  Adding rustic charm to outdoor decor.

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Professional Installation and Maintenance

Safety is paramount when it comes to outdoor fires. Our installation services ensure that your outdoor fire is securely set up and ready to use. We also offer insights into the maintenance required to keep your outdoor fire in top condition for years to come.

For over three decades, Canterbury Fireplaces has been a trusted family-run business, committed to turning houses into warm and inviting homes. Our team is more than just friendly faces; they are skilled experts dedicated to assisting you. 

Whether you’re seeking an energy-efficient solution to keep your home cosy, a stunning focal point to captivate your guests or a hassle-free installation process, we’re here to help call 01254 682574 today.


Have any questions about electric fires? Check out our frequently asked questions and if they don’t help, give us a call on 01254 682574.


For an outdoor fireplace, having a chimney is a good idea. It’s not just about the classic look – a chimney serves a practical purpose by directing smoke and embers upward, keeping them away from you and your guests. This is especially important in enclosed or semi-enclosed outdoor spaces to maintain air quality and comfort. 

Some modern outdoor fireplaces use designs or technology that minimise smoke, but in traditional wood-burning models, a chimney is key for a safe and enjoyable experience. If you’re considering a gas or electric fireplace, a chimney might not be necessary, but always check safety guidelines before installation.

Chimneys, as part of outdoor fireplaces, are generally safer than fire pits as they direct smoke upward and contain flames, reducing smoke inhalation risks and fire hazards. While fire pits offer a communal atmosphere, they need careful monitoring for stray sparks and embers. 

An outdoor fire pit is a great investment, offering more than just warmth. It’s perfect for socialising, bringing people together around a cosy fire, and extends your outdoor space’s usability into cooler weather.