Updated Terms & Conditions – 2024

Customer Agreement – Thank you for choosing Canterbury Fireplaces for your fire installation.

We ask all our customers to acknowledge and agree to some of the industry standard practices prior to installation. Please take some time to read through the information below and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Installing your fireplace, fire or stove could consist of knocking out, drilling, brickwork and plastering etc.

We take as many precautions as possible to reduce dust and damage to walls etc, although naturally

Issues can occasionally arise during this process. Please be aware that Canterbury Fireplaces cannot be held responsible for these issues. We also recommend preparing the room prior to our arrival. 

Hole in wall fires – We take all precautions possible to reduce the chance of plaster cracking after use, occasionally this is inevitable. Things we recommend to reduce this are, tiling the wall, heat resistant

lining paper, slips around the fire and not using the fire itself until the plaster is completely dried out.

Twin Wall – When installing new flues, particularly ones which are lower than the ridge on a standard

house or single storey flues, you increase the risk of down draught or not enough up draught, we do

everything we can initially to prevent this from happening. As explained on the survey, 98% of the time it

is fine but if issues do occur we have options to resolve this, but would incur an extra cost at the

customer’s own expense. If you would prefer us initially to fit the preventative products we are more than happy to help with this.

Smoke Test / Flue Liner – When installing a gas fire we need to check the Chimney or Flue is safe for

use, we will carry out a smoke test on the days of installation. Around 95% of chimneys will pass this

test, if yours fails we may need to install a new flue liner, this will incur an additional cost. If you currently

have an old flue liner this will most likely need replacing. This is also an extra cost, please ask a member of staff for details on these prices.

Natural Products – Materials such as limestone, marble, slate and stone will vary from piece to piece.

Formed over millions of years these natural products are unique, meaning no two pieces will be the

same (different fossils, veins, lumps and bumps). This gives these products their natural beauty. Please be aware of this natural variation when selecting these products as they cannot be returned or refunded.

By proceeding with this installation, you hereby acknowledge you have thoroughly reviewed the information above. Canterbury fireplaces absolves itself of any responsibility or liability pertaining to damages or concerns arising post-installation, in accordance with established industry norms and guidelines.

Media Wall Installations 

We ask all our customers to acknowledge and agree to some industry standard practices prior to installation. Please take some time to read through the below information and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

What we do

– We create bespoke Media Walls to suit each individual customers requirements & space.

  • We will give you a full demonstration of the very best gas & electric fires on the market. 
  • We endeavour to always have the very latest technology on live display, allowing you to touch & feel before you purchase.

– We will carry out a site survey prior to installation and take you through all dimensions and aspects of installation.

– We will provide you with a 2D/3D digital sketch of your design prior to installation.

  • We will clean up after installation to the best of our ability. We are not professional cleaners but we can recommend one if needed.

What we don’t do

– We unfortunately will not supply or fit your TV or TV bracket.

– We are not qualified electricians so can not carry out electrical work, We do work with an

electrician who we are happy to recommend.

  • We do not fit coving.
  • – We do not supply skirting boards but we are happy to fit them if you supply them and

have them on site.

  • We do not supply or fit carpets/flooring.

What we ask from you

– Please ensure we have a clear work space, ready for your engineer(s) to work.

– If applicable, carpets must be rolled back prior to our arrival.

  • Ensure your first fix with the electrics is completed prior to our arrival. 
  • If possible ensure we have parking close to your property.
  • Please ensure the room is fully prepared prior to arrival (carpets rolled back, furniture,

decorations & electrical items moved and anything left in the room is covered, any items or

furniture left in the room are covered and protected).


1. This sales contract is between the customer and Canterbury Fireplaces Ltd. (The Company).

2. The company cannot be held responsible for unsound or weathered flues, chimney stacks or pots before or after installation.

3. It is strongly recommended that the chimney is swept prior to installation.

4. The company cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the customers existing fire, fireplace or décor around the chimney opening or breast while installation is in progress, some damage to plaster is inevitable.

5. The company cannot be held responsible for uneven or unsound existing plaster. The company is only responsible for plastering within six inches of the fire surround unless other arrangements have been agreed and entered on the contract.

6. The company does not fit or supply skirting board, as due to the many types used it is difficult to obtain a match. In the event of our agreeing to supply and fit we cannot guarantee a match.

7. The company cannot be held responsible for any deterioration of any existing gas pipe work in or around the customers property. Prices quoted are on the assumption that existing pipe work is suitable and serviceable. Where this is not the case the company reserves the right to carry out any necessary remedial work at the customers expense.

8. The customer or his agent must inspect the fire and fireplace when the work has been completed to satisfy themselves that the fire and fireplace are in good condition and that the installation and workmanship is satisfactory. Then sign the satisfaction note. Do not sign the satisfaction note unless you are fully satisfied.

9. All goods carry a guarantee. In the unlikely event that any fire or fireplace has to be removed and refitted the company will not be responsible for any redecoration.

10. Existing chimneys and flue are part of the customer’s property. In the event that a fire fails to operate correctly due to a deficiency in the flue or chimney the company will attempt to rectify the problem at the customer’s expense.

11. To comply with current gas and solid fuel regulations it may be necessary to have the cowl or chimney pot changed, you can use your own builder or we can recommend a company to carry out this work.

12. Some gas fire and all solid fuel fires need a permanent fresh air supply via a vent, to comply with section J of the Building Regulations 2002. If there is not an existing vent complying with this regulation we will fit one at the cost shown on the contract.

13. With any fireplace installation dust and debris will be created. The company recommends that carpets are rolled back and furniture etc. is removed allowing a minimum two metre working space. Where carpets etc. are not rolled back the company will take every precaution to avoid damage or soiling but we cannot accept any responsibility for damage or soiling that occurs. Please remove any objects of value as the company does not accept any responsibility for damage or breakage.

14. We do not refit carpets after installation. This is a specialised job.

15. In some old installations asbestos may be present, in some cases this will require removal by a specialist company.

16. No alteration to any part of these terms is acceptable unless agreed in writing.

17. When going on the roof, or fitting a flue, there is potential to cut felt and move tiles. If there are issues prior to us carrying out the installation we will bring it to your attention before we carry out the work. We will do the work to the best of our ability but if there are issues with the roof it will need addressing with a professional after our work is completed.

18. When fitting a flue for a Stove, Gas or Log burner there is potential for the vitreous pipe to be on a slight angle due to the structural integrity of the house but we will make you aware of this as soon as possible.


17. 50% payment is required with your order confirmation, the balance being due within 14 days of placing your order. Payment can be cash, debit or credit card. (MasterCard and Visa). If this is not paid within 14 days of order confirmation you are not guaranteed a fitting date and is subject to an admin fee.

18. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the goods or the installation, please do not sign the satisfaction note but write on it what your complaint is.


Due to the nature of our business and the fact we manufacture and provide bespoke options, if you wish to cancel the contract and the company agrees to this the following charges will be made.

A. Within fourteen days from contract date, 10% of order value & restocking fee as per our suppliers.

B. After 14 days from contract date, 50% of order value. 

Thank you for reading this lengthy document. You will be pleased to know that the vast majority of our jobs are completed without recourse to any of these terms. Nothing in this contract affects your statutory rights.