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Gazco Skope Outset

Skope Outset fires, available in four sizes, allow you to create a bespoke two sided or three sided installation, for a unique focal point that provides a panoramic view of the stunning visuals.

Technical Specifications

Designed to offer a multi-sided view of the mesmerising flames and lighting effects, Skope Outset models can be installed as three-sided and two-sided fires. Thanks to the versatile design, Skope Outsets are perfect for a bespoke focal point installation to suit your interior, and can be finished in various materials, from wood surrounds to tiles, for the perfect centrepiece. All Skope Outset fires come with a Programmable Thermostatic Eco handset which gives full control over the fire’s host of features. Flames, Chromalight fuel bed lighting and ambient heating can all be controlled independently to create the desired atmosphere.

Natural GasN/A
Fire BedLogs/Clear & Grey Pebbles/Crystal
Output Net MIN-MAX (KW)1.0 - 2.0
Flue Size Ø (mm)N/A
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