Fire Surround Ideas

 Discover unique fire surround ideas to enhance your fireplace, from sleek modern to cosy rustic styles, perfect for any home decor.

What is a Fireplace Surround?

A fireplace surround typically consists of the mantel – the shelf above the fireplace – and the side pieces that frame the fireplace opening. This surround can be crafted from various materials like wood, stone, marble, or tile, each offering a unique look and feel. The design of a fireplace surround ranges from minimalist to elaborate and ornate, depending on the style of the home and the homeowner’s personal taste.

10 Tips to Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point

By focusing on the design and aesthetics of the fireplace surround, you can transform your fireplace into an impressive and stylish focal point in your living room.

  1. Select Striking Materials
  2. Incorporate Bold Designs
  3. Add Architectural Details
  4. Play with Scale
  5. Mix Materials
  6. Use Lighting Effectively
  7. DIY a Bespoke Surround
  8. Consider a Custom Design
  9. Harmonise with Room Decor
  10. Keep it Well-Maintained

Fire Surround Ideas 

Below you will find an overview of various fire surround ideas across different styles, from modern and gas to electric and log, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Modern Fire Surround Ideas

Gas Fire Surround Ideas

Electric Fire Surround Ideas

Electric Fire Surround Ideas

Harmonising Surrounds with Mantels

Creating a cohesive look between the fire surround and mantel is essential in interior design, as it brings balance and harmony to the focal point of a room – the fireplace.

  1. Coordinated Design: Match the mantel and surround styles, like pairing a modern mantel with a minimalist surround or an ornate mantel with a traditional surround.
  2. Texture Balance: Contrast textures between a smooth mantel and a textured surround or vice versa for visual appeal.
  3. Colour Harmony: Ensure the mantel and surround colours complement each other; neutrals offer flexibility, while bold colours need careful pairing.
  4. Material Mix: Combine different materials, like wood and stone, ensuring complementary tones and textures.
  5. Proportional Sizing: Keep the mantel in proportion to the surround; larger surrounds suit wider mantels and smaller surrounds match slender mantels.
  6. Unified Theme: Maintain a consistent theme (rustic, contemporary, vintage) between the mantel and surround.
  7. Decorative Consistency: Choose decorative items for the mantel that enhance and align with the surround’s style.
  8. Lighting Effects: Use consistent lighting to unify and accentuate the mantel and surround.

By thoughtfully coordinating the design, texture, colour, and materials of your fireplace surround and mantel, you can create a harmonious and attractive centrepiece for your living space.

Incorporating Fire Surround Trends

Is a Professional Required for Fireplace Surround Installation?

It’s crucial to recognise that fireplaces must be installed by a qualified professional, like those at Canterbury Fireplaces, who are knowledgeable of both the installation process and in advising on the construction of an appropriate surrounding frame. For example, when opting for a gas fireplace, it’s essential to have a correctly built mantel or alcove above the fire. This ensures that any heat generated is effectively redirected away from any media devices positioned higher up.

Our professional insight into materials, styles and installation processes goes beyond aesthetics, considering durability, maintenance and safety. We offer tailored recommendations to match the unique character of each home and fireplace, ensuring the chosen surround significantly enhances your living space’s overall design.

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