Stove summer shutdown.

Do you know how to put your stove into summer shutdown? Putting your stove into a summer shutdown is not only a great way to help stop damage, its also very easy and best of all FREE!!

As the temperature outside changes and the inside of the house becomes warmer, it causes the air flow for your stove from the flue to go into a reverse mode. This means the air flows from the outside, which will bring moisture in with it. The lack of air flow and the moisture can cause all sorts of problems for your stove such as rusting, stiff doors, mould on the bricks and generally your stove will not work as it should when you come to re-use it.

This is why we recommend doing your summer shut down with these easy step by step instructions.

1: Empty all of the ash out of the stove at the end of the burning season.

2: Leave the door slightly ajar and the air controls fully open, this allows the air to circulate in the stove reducing condensation.

3: Every few weeks whilst in shutdown light a small kindling fire for about 15 minutes to help dry out inside. When the ash has fully cooled empty it all out.

By doing these 3 simple steps it can help your stove when you start using it again in the cooler months. We do still recommend a yearly service with your local chimney sweep to also help with the flue maintenance.