TermaTech TT30 Range

The TT30 is a range of wood-burning stoves for real connoisseurs, The doors, top and combustion chamber are constructed from cast iron, an extremely robust material, that gives the stove a solid look and feel. Moreover, the stove is slimmer than TermaTech’s other models, meaning that it appears light despite the solid choice of material.

TermaTech TT30 Range Woodburning Stove

Technical Specifications

Elegant design, quality finish and easy operation are the most important characteristics of TermaTech’s new wood-burning stove – the TT30 range. The door, top and fire chamber are made of cast iron, an extremely strong material that gives the stove a solid look. the range consists of three models: TT30 with steel sides, TT30G with glass sides allowing the flame tobe seen from several angles and the TT30S with soapstone cladding which, besides heat storagee, creates a beautiful and natural casing. Common to all three models is their ease of operation. Under the door is a discreet regulating handle which allows you to adjust the flame.

Natural GasN/A
Output Net MIN-MAX (KW)5.0 (3-7)
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