Element 4 Bidore

This two-sided built in fire,as left or right corner, is available in a range of sizes.

Element 4 Bidore

Technical Specifications

This stunning two-sided, left or right-handed, built in fire is available in a range of sizes to create an impressive focal point in any room. The larger sizes show a fascinating flicker through its unique burner, the Quad Burner. The Quad Burner has 5 burners with which 4 different positions can be set. This makes this burner very practical and economical in use. From a fire in full width to a modest fire; with the Quad Burner it is all possible! Available with warm glowing wood trunks, white Carrara pebbles or white or grey stones. The inner walls can be flat steel or black ceramic glass.

Natural GasYes
Fire BedLogs/Pebbles/Stones
InteriorOptions Available
Flue Size Ø (mm)Balanced
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