Crystal Super Radiant & Slimline Radiant

The only difference between the Super Radiant and the Slimlne Radiant is the depth. Both fires have the same trim options and can produce an impressive 3.9kW, creating a vibrant red fuel bed glow and a fantastic looking flame effect.

fire holding

Technical Specifications

Designed to give the charm and appeal of a real open fire but with the instant controllability and performance of gas, the Crystal Super Radiant and Slimline Radiant fires can come with a contemporary finish fascia or in a wide selection of chrome, brass and black trims, frets and fascias. Available as a manual control as standard, upgrade to Remote Control of Trim Top Controls are also available at extra cost.

Natural GasYes
ControlManual/Trim Top/Remote
Fire BedCoals/Pebbles/Logs
Output Net MIN-MAX (KW)3.9 Max
Flue Size Ø (mm)Class I & II/Precast
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