Valor Blenheim Slimline Electric

The Valor Blakeley has a beautiful panoramic Driftwood/Coal fuel bed that presents a pure visual delight

Technical Specifications

Blakely Airflame trumpets all the appeal of a contemporary gas fire without sacrificing the heat output and efficiency normally associated with traditional models. Indeed, a 60% heat efficiency and an impressive 4.0KW heat output means warmth can be enjoyed without excessive cost. Blakely Airflame provides a striking room centrepiece. Courtesy of a unique ceramic burner, the fire also presents a stunning coal fuel bed with the most realistic flames available on any gas fire. Suitable for brick chimneys and prefabricated flues, this model also incorporates remote control.

Natural GasN/A
Fire BedCoals/Driftwood
Output Net MIN-MAX (KW)3.7 Max
Flue Size Ø (mm)Class I & II
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