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Gazco Radiance Wall Mounted

With it’s easy hang-on-the-wall installation, the wall – mounted Radiance lets you add an instant focal point to almost any room with no need for building work. Needing only a standard three pin plug socket, Radiance fires can easily add luxury to the lounge or ambience in the bedroom, in fact they can be installed in virtually any room in the home.

Technical Specifications

The Radiance wall mounted fire is available in a range of sizes, and with a choice of glass and steel frames, to suit almost any interior. Available in five different sizes; the 50W, 80W, 100W,150W, 190W; all Radiance fires benefit from thermostatic ambient heating, letting you set the temperature you desire and relax whilst the Radiance does the rest for you. Alternatively, you can enjoy the stunning flame patterns in a choice of two distinctive colour or a combination of the two, and Gazco’s state-of-the-art ChromaLight LED backlighting which emits an ambient glow in 13 evocative colours, without any heat at all. Wall mounted Radiance fires are also available with a semi-recess kit, allowing you to reduce the fire’s already slim depth by almost two thirds when fitted into a pre-constructed 90mm wall cavity.

Natural GasN/A
Fire BedWhite & Glass Stones, Clear Crushed glass, Black Glass Beads, Clear Glass Beads
Output Net MIN-MAX (KW)1.0 - 2.0
Flue Size Ø (mm)N/A
980/1280/1480/1980/2380670Glass:160 Steel:175