Considering an electric stove?

A few points to consider before buying an electric stove.

Considering an electric stove?

What are the main considerations when choosing an electric stove?

Thinking about adding an electric stove to your home? The authentic cast-iron electric stoves that look and feel every bit as real as a true log burner.

When considering which electric stove to buy, one thing you should consider is the size you’d like your stove to be. Factors to bear in mind are your room measurements and where you plan to place your electric stove, as well as how much presence you want it to have in relation to other furniture.

Place your stove almost anywhere in your home

Thanks to their inherent versatility, electric stoves give you complete freedom to place your stove in almost any part of your home. All they need is a three pin plug socket. And because electric stoves don’t need a chimney or flue system, studies, hallways and even conservatories are all potential locations – in short anywhere you need a bit of ambience.

Ambience and flame visuals with or without the heat

Enjoying the roaring blaze of a stove usually means generating a significant amount of heat, which whilst great during winter may not be desired during the warmer months. Thanks to their design electric stoves can be enjoyed with or without the heat, letting you bask in their cosy ambience all year round.